Journalism at The Review

What is journalism?

Journalism is the art of collecting, verifying, reporting and analyzing information gathered , including trends, issues, current events, entertainment and people.

Here, at The Review, you can find stories about arts & entertainment, campus news, local news, “world news in a flash,” sports news, feature pieces and opinion pieces.

Can only journalists produce journalism?

No. Citizen journalism refers to non-professional journalism, such as blogging, posting videos on YouTube, and tweeting. Journalist refers to a professional working in journalism, i.e. a TV reporter, or a newspaper editor, etc.

At The Review reporters are hired based upon an application and sample process. Articles from contributors are also accepted along with letters to the editor.

Does Journalism have Guidelines?

Yes. At The Review we adhere to the Associated Collegiate Press journalism standards. We also use the Associated Press Style Book for Journalism as a guide for following AP style standards.

Journalism strives to be objective and to give both sides of the story an equal voice. Yet in all journalistic publications some bias persists due to human nature. Here, at The Review, we strive to be as objective as we can in order to best serve the Saint Vincent community.

Practicing journalism often leads to ethical decisions and (sometimes) dilemma. The Society of Professional Journalists publishes a casebook for professional journalism conduct which is often used to prepare for such occasions.


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